7 of The Best Rosacea Natural Treatment

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list of rosacea natural treatmentRosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects more than 14 million Americans between the ages 30 to 60, with the majority being women. Rosacea causes the skin to flare up causing both redness and pain on the face. The condition is also genetically inherited and can be treated through various conventional antibiotic’s as well as natural treatments and products. If left untreated, the condition will gradually worsen, thankfully there are various Rosacea natural treatments that you can do at your own home.
Some common symptom’s or signs that you may have rosacea include:
• Redness around the nose and cheeks
• Swollen red bumps or acne including blackheads.
• Blood Vessels become visible
• Eye Irritation
• Burning or Stinging sensation
• Tendency to flush or blush more easily than others
• Dry sensitive skin
Currently, the cause of Rosacea is unknown. It is however believed to be caused by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors.

Treating Rosacea Naturally

Below are some natural home remedies you can start applying right away:
1. Rosacea natural treatment 1: Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is one of the most common home remedies for various reasons. It works. Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammation and healing properties that can protect the skin from irritation and redness. In this case, aloe vera can be used both externally and orally depending on your preferences.
To prepare Aloe Vera , extract some gel from an Aloe Vera plant and directly apply it onto the affected area of the skin. Leave it to dry and take effect , afterwards wash it off and repeat this process twice daily. The approximate time for this treatment to heal rosacea is 2 months. You will start to feel less and less redness and inflammation.
The second way to prepare Aloe Vera is to use it as a juice. Simply drink aloe Vera juice each day for at least twice a day, this should be followed for several months.

2. Lavender: This plant originates from the Mediterranean, and has been used for centuries as a treatment option for other skin related conditions including rashes, blemishes and rosacea. Lavender oil is really effective home remedy for rosacea that can be used to reduce inflammation due to it’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. When applied, the lavender oil will also cleanse and soothe the skin. Be warned, that if you are allergic to lavender oil , avoid this treatment.

To test if you are allergic to lavender oil before proceeding , apply a small amount onto the face. If you feel a burning sensation you may be allergic to it. If you aren’t , you can proceed.

  1. To apply this treatment, grab a cotton ball and soak it with lavender oil.
  2. Use the cotton ball to gently massage the affected areas.
    It is best to leave it there for it to dry for about 30-40 minutes ,
  3. Wash your face with water afterwards.
  4. Repeat 1-2 a day for the best results.

3. The oil can be extracted from a lavender leave or can be purchased directly. The direct method is recommended as it is more safe. Directly apply the lavender oil onto the skin for it to take effect.
4. Oatmeal is another rosacea natural treatment that can be used as oatmeal acts as a exfoliant and skin protectant. Oatmeal is commonly eaten during breakfast but surprisingly has healing properties too. Apply oatmeal onto the skin directly for it to take effect. Oatmeal will not only sooth the skin but reduce itchiness as well as dryness.
5. Green tea cream made from freshly extracted green tea leaves can help as it contains natura lantiaging and anti-acne properties. A small study of around 60 women ranging in age, was conducted by dermatologist Dr Syed. From Dr Syed’s little experiment it was concluded that green tea cream had healing properties for rosacea. Women given the green tea extract noticed an improvement of 70% compared to using no crema at all.

6. Manuka Honey: A special type of honey that originates from New Zeland is another worthy natural treatment for rosacea. Manuka honey contains antibacterial properties that can help protect against acne and other skin related conditions. Since Manuka honey is an anti-infllmammatory product , it can also eliminate redness whilst keeping the skin moisturized.
To use Manuka honey, purchase ones that have a activity level of around 15 or higher. This is commonly represented as UMF/OMA. Apply Manuka honey directly onto the skin as it can act as a daily cleanser.
7. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
Tea tree oil in the recent years has risen in popularity amongst Rosacea sufferers. The reason why it has been rising in popularity is because it contains fast acting anti-inflammatory agents and properties. The downside of tea tree oil is that it has multiple side effects including () and is rather dangerous if used incorrectly. Tea tree oil should be used with caution and in small doses only.

Why Use Natural Remedies and why it is important to treat Rosacea

Well, first of all. It is embarrassing. People may get the wrong idea that you are blushing or embarrassed about something. This can not only affect your self-esteem and quality of life but can also easily cause frustration. In worst cases, it may even lead to depression and insecurity. Furthermore, if left untreated, Rosacea will gradually worsen over time. Curing rosacea has shown to improve a person’s quality of life due to less factors affecting them.

I find that using natural remedies, there are less risks involved compared to using pharmecutical drugs. Although some of the remedies mentioned above can be harmful if used incorrectly, the majority will agree that natural remedies are more safe.

There are also some basic methods to get rid of rosacea that are fairly easy to do. This includes taking proper care for your skin. Try and keep your skin moisturized by using gentle cleansers and moisturizers. Choose ones that are appropriate for sensitive skin and be sure to try out a variety of different ones and find the one that works best for you or the one that causes the least amount of pain. Protect your skin from external factors such as the sun by wearing sun screen regularly.

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